Wednesday, February 1, 2023


CNN’s Coverage of Irish Pro-Abortion Movement Admits Procedure Kills Babies

A recent CNN painted a picture of the pro-abortion movement in Ireland that, disturbingly, still considers the unborn as a separate, human life. They simply believe it's OK to end that life now. 

Google Unveils New Fact-Check Feature, Targets Mostly Conservative Sites

Liberals will rage, rant, rave, and explode on every social media outlet in existence about how evil, vile, and wicked Fox News and other conservative sites are for being so "biased" in their news coverage and commentary. Never mind the fact that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and others are almost all...

CNN Shamelessly Targets Christian, Pro-Life Groups On “Hate List”

CNN has never met a line that it wasn’t willing to cross to advance the liberal agenda, but the network is engaging in an incredibly reckless fashion over the past few days. While fear-mongering has been a staple of the network’s ‘reporting’ for years, it’s digging further into the...

Watch: Paris Dennard Fish Slaps CNN Contributor Who Shames Him For Being Black & Conservative

During a discussion on this past weekend's chaos in Charlottesville, CNN's Keith Boykin repeatedly attacked his fellow CNN contributor Paris Dennard for being a black conservative, which is apparently an oxymoron in Boykin's mind. As Mediaite reports, Boykin – who served as a White House aide under President Bill Clinton...