Monday, June 27, 2022


Delaware Mom Speaks Out About Draconian Law Allowing Children to Choose Gender and Race

The extent to which a proposed Delaware law undermines the authority of parents is almost unbelievable. 

New Law Being Proposed In Delaware Says Kids Can Pick Gender

Progressive insanity is continuing to run amok across the country, not only infecting popular culture like film and television, but also schools and local governments as well. One of the ideas that seems to be infecting the culture at large and leading us in the opposite direction from reason and...

Parents Grow Spine, Boldly Stand Against Gender Self-ID in School

The day and age in which we live is one where we see the normalization of things previous generations would've laughed hysterically at in utter disbelief had they been told this is the direction our nation would be headed in down the road. One of the most popular issues that...

Delaware Will Soon Ban Parents From Determining Child’s Gender, Race

Liberals have a dream: to completely eliminate parental authority and let the state raise children up into uniformly brainwashed, genderless, leftist cadets.