Thursday, January 27, 2022

donald trump

Trump Slashes Obama-Era Transgender Prisoner Policies

You might be surprised to know that President Trump, in his position as president of the United States, just had to enact a policy that assigned federal prisoners to facilities based on their biological gender. 

Trump Chooses Family Man To Replace Obama Appointed Gay Ambassador

  The latest pick by President Trump that should have believers and conservatives thrilled is a newly installed ambassador to Spain, a spot previously held by a pro-LGBT, openly gay man who was "married" to another man. The new ambassador, Richard Duke Buchan III, is a family man with a wife...

Leftists Lamenting: ‘Religious Right Moved Into The White House’

It's been almost an entire year since President Donald Trump was sworn into office and the left is still reeling from the massive loss they have suffered, complaining non-stop about the new administration and looking for any excuse, legitimate or otherwise to hinder any sort of progress currently being...

Sick: Muslim Imam, In America, Calls For The Death of Jews

It seems with every single day that passes we are bombarded by the left with messages about how much they want tolerance, peace, diversity, inclusivity and all sorts of things, yet they attack people who have different views than their own, like Christians for example, who are simply standing...

Trump Renominates LGBT Activist To Anti-Discrimination Post, Stunning Conservatives

The Trump administration's latest move has left many in the conservative movement who support the president a bit shocked after opting to renominate a super radical LGBT activist and outspoken lesbian, Chai Feldblum, as the commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Feldblum is a holdover from the Obama administration...

Clothing Company Uses Young Girls in Vulgar Video to Trash Trump, Support Planned Parenthood

Many on the left seem to be completely devoid of any sort of moral compass or standard of what's acceptable and what's not, completely ignoring conventional norms of right and wrong whenever doing so pleases them or helps them further their agenda. A clothing company called FCKH8.Com -- such a...

Seriously?! High School Quiz Includes “Shooting At Trump” as Option on Multiple-Choice Quiz

For the party that claims to be all about tolerance and can't shut up about how "hateful" Donald Trump is, they sure seem to be seething with hate these days! Even innocent high school English quizzes must be subject to the fuming anger of leftists who can't get over the results of the 2016 election.