Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ex-homosexual testimony

“Day of Action” Rally Organized to Protest CA Bill That Bans Faith-Based Therapy for Same-Sex Attraction

California is on the brink of true fascism. That might sound a bit dramatic until you consider the implications of AB 2943, a bill that would considerably limit First Amendment liberties for Christian and homosexual Californians seeking faith-based counseling. 

DC Freedom March Celebrates Powerful Testimonies Of Former Homosexuals and Calls For End To Censorship

Over the weekend, former homosexuals and transsexuals marched in Washington DC to celebrate the great work Christ has done in their lives as they find freedom from their pasts and redemption and peace in His love. 

University in Ireland Refuses to Allow Documentary on Ex-Homosexuals to Be Played on Campus

There is a disturbing trend in the Western world to censor and suppress the simple truth from being discussed simply because it does not fit the narrative of the politically-correct left. 

Incredible Testimony: From Drag Queen to Child of the King!

The saving power of Jesus Christ can transform anyone--never forget that! This is not what the world tells us. The world tells us if someone is homosexual or transgender, there's nothing they can do to change, even if they want to. They were made this way for a reason, and it is bigotry to even suggest they seek help, even if they want it.