Sunday, January 23, 2022

facebook censorship

Posting a Bible Verse Will Now Send You Right to Facebook Jail

What's crazy is just how slanted and one-sided these "community standards" really are. This isn't about keeping things on Facebook civil, it's about curating content so that users are only presented with one perspective--the one Mark Zuckerberg agrees with. 

Activist Mommy Banned From Twitter After Sharing Story About Trans Suicide

It's become abundantly clear over the last several weeks that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are both stacked to the gills with leftists who are only interested in promoting content that shares their progressive worldview. Facebook has made several big changes geared toward controlling the kind of content...

In Wake of Facebook Changes, New Social Media Site Pays You To Post

Mark Zuckerberg, the overlord of Facebook, recently announced some changes the site would be making to the newsfeed on people's profiles that would keep them from seeing content from businesses, media, and other pages in favor of being able to see more posts from friends and family. While on the...

Not Good: Facebook Cutting Media Sites, Business, Brands From Newsfeed

For the last few years, many conservatives and Christians have noticed an alarming trend of censorship rolling downhill from the top dogs at social media giant Facebook as the site continues to try cracking down on "bullying" and the spreading of "fake news." Strangely, it seems the whole "fake news"...