Sunday, May 28, 2023


Is the Trans Movement Pushing Feminists Towards the Right?

In a century, feminism has gone from a group of moral, Christian women who opposed debauchery and abortion and wanted the voices of mothers and wives to be represented in the vote to rabidly leftist, proudly promiscuous women who oppose traditional values and support the "right" of a woman to murder her own baby in the womb and pretty much have no idea what they want other than to celebrate sin. 

Cringe-Worthy: Justin Trudeau Corrects Woman Who Uses the Word “Mankind”

Justin Trudeau is a pretty ridiculous character. He seems to stand for little more than proudly boasting of being a "male feminist" and seems to be bidding for Canada to be the first Western Islamic theocracy from the looks of it. 

Muslim Woman Tries to Get Peer EXPELLED for Politely Declining to Try on Hijab

We can be polite, decent, and even kind to others, in essence, tolerate them, without actually agreeing with them or wanting anything to do with their ideology. But to publicly castrate and attempt to seek punishment for another human being simply because they disagree with your beliefs is the exact opposite of tolerant. 

American Episcopal Diocese Votes To No Longer Use Masculine Pronouns For God

One of the most critical issues facing humanity in the 21st century is the theological compromise that is oozing out of modern day Christianity, as the church continues to abandon the Bible as the final authority for life and faith. We have seen many leaders in a wide variety of...

Women’s Rights Debate Picks Secret Location Fearing Interruption By Trans Activists

One of the major problems the left doesn't seem to know it has is the inherent contradiction of being super pro-transgender and hardcore feminist simultaneously. How anti-woman is it to give men with gender dysphoria the same and in some cases, better, treatment and protections than the average woman? Isn't...

Former Clinton Accuser Slams Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech, Says ‘Never Heard You Mention My Name’

When it comes to glaring examples of political hypocrisy, liberals, particularly those with a rabid feminist streak running through their middle, seem to own the corner market. For the last several months, the news cycle has been dominated by stories of Hollywood actresses coming out and making accusations of sexual...

Feminists Push For Signed Contract Before Sex

Sex is something that is supposed to be a sacred gift given to humanity by the God of creation who designed it both for procreation and for pleasure between one man, one woman, united together for life in marriage. However, the sin stained souls of the majority in our culture...

CNN Writer Says ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Is ‘Inherently Sexist’ Should Be ‘Retired’

Radical feminists seem to be on an unending quest to destroy fun, joy, and happiness wherever they possibly can and this year, they set their sights on classic Christmas movies, particularly It's A Wonderful Life. The film has become a staple of the holiday season, a story that just about...

Big Time Feminist Group Ironically Elects Trans Man As Leader

The transgender movement has become more and more prevalent in culture these days, which you'd think would pose a conundrum of sorts for the rabid, hardcore feminists in our midst, seeing as most of them don't want to lose their liberal progressive street credibility. How can a feminist maintain the...

Man Joins New Zealand Women’s Weightlifting Team Because Apparently Fairness Doesn’t Matter

Liberals are so psychotically determined to deny the basic biological realities of gender that they're shoving women's rights aside for the sake of transgender rights, and it's a total mess. 

College Professor Who Dared to Speak the Truth About Transgenderism Becomes Target of Relentless Leftist Attacks

The secular humanist left claims to denounce religion, and yet they have their own sacred commandments they expect everyone to abide by. Thou shalt not use improper pronouns. Thou shalt not refuse to bake a cake. Thou shalt not ever, ever, ever, question the official transgender and feminist orthodoxy. If thou do, thou shalt be made to take the appearance of a bigot, a homophobe, a racist, and a white supremacist. Thus sayest the self-worshipping godless masses. 

Apparently, Women’s Self Defense Is Now Considered Racist

If ever you have thought that the left calls everything racist, well, I bet you didn't think of this. Yes, the left is now trying to claim that women's self-defense is embedded in white supremacy and xenophobia. 

Why The Boy Scouts’ New Policy Embodies Everything Wrong With America

What the entire movement of gender confusion and gender equity is based on is that if little boys and little girls don't like something about their life, right down to their very biology, they can simply complain enough until adults change it for them. 

Waitress Cries Sexism When Her Female Manager Asks Her To Put On A Bra

Those that constantly walk around looking for signs of discrimination often find it. That’s not because they come across more discrimination than others, but rather because their minds are so consumed with the concept of discrimination that they see it even when it’s not there. For example, if you're an employe...

Feminist Proposes Replacing Father’s Day With “Special Person’s Day”

Father’s Day will look awfully different in Australia if one feminist has her way. In fact, it’ll go by the wayside completely and be replaced with something else. As LadBible shares, Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet – an early childhood educator (shudder) – is one of the driving forces behind...

Leftist College Offers To Pay Students To Become Social Justice Warriors

Good news SJWs that are interested in pursuing a college degree! You can now kill two birds with one stone and earn some extra cash while pursuing your passions. Students attending Kalamazoo College – which actually paid for students to travel to the Women's March on Washington – can...

Video: Young Girl Whines About Being Told She Can’t Wear Skimpy Clothes At School

A new video from left-leaning feminist outlet ATTN: features a young girl complaining about being told she can't wear skimpy, immodest clothes at school. The clip opens with the girl, Molly, whining, "if my tank top strap is more important than my learning, then there is a problem at my...