Tuesday, October 3, 2023

free speech

Germany Now Enforcing Hate Speech Law, Fascists Thrilled

The cornerstone of any free republic is freedom of speech, which just so happens to go hand-in-hand with the free expression of religion. When a nation seeks to place limits on either one of these God-given rights, it's headed for disaster. In order for a society to thrive, people have...

In the UK, Opposing Homosexuality Publicly Can Get You Expelled

Two years ago, a Christian student in the UK was daring enough to post his views on homosexuality on Facebook. Like so many Christians around the world, 39-year-old Felix Ngole, a graduate at Sheffield University, didn't publicly berate a gay person, he didn't bash anyone in the street, and he certainly didn't throw anyone off a building. 

Shocking Video Exposes Police Officer Trampling on Pro-Life Group’s Free Speech

At the time, the Created Equal team was on public property and had earlier confirmed with local police that they were free to set up their signs there. In spite of this, the school resource officer insisted they remove their signs and when the team refused, he began taking them down himself, seemingly to confiscate them.

New Study Reveals Conservative Students Are More Afraid To Speak Out On Campus

Conservative college students don't feel free to express their opinions on college campuses, according to a new study reported by Hello Christian. The study, done by Heterodox Academy, found that conservative students are much more hesitant to speak out about politics in a public setting than liberal students are. Well, uh......

The University Of Minnesota Just Banned White, Straight Students From Its Safe Spaces

The University of Minnesota has told white and straight students they're not allowed to use the safe spaces on campus—because whiteness and straightness is apparently a threat to the "safeness" of the space, or something. A group called the "Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life" on campus...