Sunday, January 23, 2022

gay marriage

Couple Thinks They Tricked Russian Government Into Recognizing Same-Sex “Marriage”

If there is one single unifying characteristic of the LGBTQ movement worldwide, it's their insistence that the government and all laypeople officially recognize their sin as morally acceptable. 

U.S. Air Force Punishes Decorated Colonel for Not Endorsing Gay Marriage

For the safety and security of all Americans, and for the moral integrity of our country, we need to pray fervently that the days of making our armed forces into some kind of freak experiment of social "progress" are numbered. 

This Lawsuit Filed By Polygamists Exposes the Slippery Slope That Is Gay Marriage

Homosexual marriage is a slippery moral slope for our country, and a recent lawsuit in Mississippi proves why. The plaintiffs argue that legalizing homosexual marriage gives an unfair advantage to the adherents of the secular humanist religion, and so either same-sex marriage should be ended or all "marriages" should be allowed.

How a Federal Judge Will Force a Christian Couple to Film Same-Sex Weddings

For Christians, the national legalization of same-sex marriage has not only been indicative of a new moral low for our society, it has also brought on a barrage of attacks on our First Amendment right to practice our religion. 

Brisbane Church Threatened With Arson for Sign Defending Traditional Marriage

An Austrailian church that boldly displayed the Biblical definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman on their marquis has been threatened with arson.