Sunday, May 28, 2023

gender insanity

You Won’t Believe What Netflix Has Done to Bill Nye’s Old Show on Human Biology

In just a few short years, in the eyes of Bill Nye the "Science" guy and Netflix, at least, well-established scientific facts on human biology are in need of editing. And not because new science has been uncovered, but because a purely social and cultural movement is now living in denial of said human biology. 

California School District Says Parents CAN’T OPT OUT of Curricula on Gender Identity, Expression, or Sexual Orientation

This is exactly why we are holding the Sex Ed Sit Out next week! 

Boston Marathon Allowing Men to Compete As Women, Because Of Course They Are

There is a toxic mentality in our country that if you have experienced any kind of adversity in your life, you must be spared any and all adversity in the future if society has decided to validate your past struggles.

WATCH: They Are Coming For Our Children!

LGBT activists are brainwashing children through graphic sex ed, medicating our children against our will, stealing our children through the courts, and sabotaging our children's sporting events. When will we protect our children? #HandsOffOurKids #GenderInsanity

Teacher Who Traumatized Kindergartners With Transgender Ceremony Given Top Award

One of the most heart-wrenching examples of children being unwillingly sucked into the confusing culture of transgenderism at far too young an age is an incident that took place in Rockland, California last year, when several students in a kindergarten classroom were traumatized by a "transition ceremony" the teacher performed for the students featuring a little boy whose parents had decided was to live as a girl. 

Trans “Boy” Wins Wrestling Championship With Unfair Advantage of Testosterone Treatment

"Mack" Beggs, the girl-who-thinks-she's-a-boy who has been allowed to take testosterone treatment and yet continue to compete in girl's wrestling in the state of Texas has won a state championship. 

Man Who Plays Transgender “Woman” on TV Kicked Off for Groping Transgender “Women”…Go Figure

In the garbage fire of morality that is our popular culture, 'Transparent' had one of the highest blazes, serving to de-stigmatize and normalize gender confusion by featuring the "transition" of main character Morton Pfefferman to "Moira" Pfefferman, played by Jeffery Tambor. 

Lutheran Church Holds “Renaming” Ceremony for Transgender Pastor

It is absolutely insane how far the gender insanity has spread. It is one thing for the world, who does not openly confess to believe in Jesus Christ and to live according to the Bible, to believe that gender is fluid and that a man can live as a woman and vice-versa. 

Elementary Principal Comes Out as Transgender; Demands Students Respect New Gender

How long are we going to entertain the full-blown cultural insanity that is the transgender movement? How long are we going to confuse young children and wantonly leave irreversible impressions on their young, impressionable minds that gender is fluid and malleable? 

That’s Right. Father-Daughter Dances Are Now Politically Incorrect

In Staten Island, a social event that recognized both gender (fathers, daughters), and traditional family roles (...fathers, daughters), was entirely too politically incorrect and "triggering" to be allowed to happen.

New Season of Grey’s Anatomy Will Have Transsexual Surgery Plotline

While many might be surprised to learn that the racy hospital show Grey's Anatomy is still on the air, they might be less surprised to learn that Hollywood is sticking with the trans agenda and will be featuring a "revolutionary" new plotline centering around transgender surgery this season. 

Brutal! Rose McGowan Attacked By Women’s March in Snowflake Showdown

Oh, how the whiny have fallen.

Isn’t It Ironic? Seattle Biology Teacher Comes Out as Trans

A recent story of a Seattle Academy of Arts teacher that was glowingly reported on by KUOW gives us an absolutely perfect example of irony, which is, ironically, delivered without one shred of irony by its clearly seethingly leftist reporter.

Prosecutor Claims Parents Who Opposed Child’s Desire to “Transition” Made Her Suicidal

It is official: we live in a world where you can lose custody of your child for choosing the way they should be treated for the highly irregular desire to "transition" to the opposite sex.

Brooklyn Library Hosts Gender Bending Event for Toddlers

The Brooklyn Public Library is the latest location for yet another kid-friendly gender-bending extravaganza. And that's pretty much the stated goal of "Genderful! “Exploring Gender Through Art” which took place in October and featured a transgender punk rock musician. 

Male Rapist Who Claims to Be Female May Be Transferred to Women’s Prison

This is the prison inmate version of what will happen if we allow people to use whichever bathroom they like, and one seriously good argument for why we cannot, as a society, allow men to simply decide they are women. 

The Church of Sweden Votes to Gender Neutralize God Himself–Seriously

When your national church votes to stop using male-oriented words to refer to God the Father, Lord of the Universe, you know you have gone full SJW. 

We Knew This Was Coming: Disney Rolls Out First Male Princess on Show That Featured Gay Kiss

There is a truly sick obsession in our culture of permeating every aspect of a child's life with the gender-bending agenda. 

Man Joins New Zealand Women’s Weightlifting Team Because Apparently Fairness Doesn’t Matter

Liberals are so psychotically determined to deny the basic biological realities of gender that they're shoving women's rights aside for the sake of transgender rights, and it's a total mess. 

British Couple Seek Gender-Neutral Nanny, No Pronouns or Barbie Allowed

The latest trend in gender insanity is so-called "gender-neutral parenting", where edgy leftist parents forsake their children's well-being and foundational development for the sake of being politically correct.

Why The Boy Scouts’ New Policy Embodies Everything Wrong With America

What the entire movement of gender confusion and gender equity is based on is that if little boys and little girls don't like something about their life, right down to their very biology, they can simply complain enough until adults change it for them. 

New York City Public Library’s Freaky Halloween Event for Children With Autism

Because it is 2017, apparently inviting young library patrons to attend story time in their costumes and handing out candy corn was not edgy enough for the New York Public Library. 

Guess What Kind of Students Will Now Be Admitted Into This Prestigious All-Girls College?

Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge was founded in the 50's to provide a place for women of all backgrounds to study at the prestigious UK university. It has been strictly women-only since it's founding, that is, until now.