Sunday, October 24, 2021


University of Georgia Offers Students Guide For Gender-Neutral Pronouns

The University of Georgia is joining the insanity of the transgender movement, opting to leave behind the scientifically well established fact of two genders -- male and female -- by putting out a "how-to guide" geared toward helping students use "inclusive" gender-neutral language. No longer is it "politically correct" to...

Games Volunteers Told Not To Say “Ladies and Gentleman” To Avoid Offending People

Political correctness comes in a wide variety of insanity, but nothing comes close to the sort of weirdness we're seeing sweep the nation and the world due to the culture's attempt to abandon gender. Not long after the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, the left's new crusade became...

Apparently, Passports Are Also Transphobic. When Will It End?

The anti-science transgender lobby seems determined to stop at nothing until literally every single facet of life on earth is gender-neutral, it seems. 

Gender-Neutral Fifth Grade Teacher Asks Children to Use “They/Them” and “Mx.”

A Florida elementary school teacher has outraged parents by sending home a letter asking that the children refer to her using the "they/them" pronoun and "Mx." instead of "Ms."

Erratic Student Shot By Police is Turned Into Gender Fluid Martyr By Rioting Antifa

On Monday night, 21-year-old Scott "Scout" Schultz, who had a history of depression, was fatally shot by police on the campus of Georgia Tech after a standoff with police in which he ignored their repeated commands to stand down. While most police shootings involving young white men go unnoticed by...