Tuesday, November 29, 2022

gun control

Pro-Life Students Walk Out to Bring Attention to Abortion Crisis

There was one question on the lips of every truly pro-life American the day thousands of students walked out of class to protest gun violence in the US: what about abortion? 

Middle School Teacher Assigns Letter to Students to Pressure Lawmakers Into Gun Control

So, the name of Jesus has been positively banned from public schools for years, but it's OK for a teacher to project his own political biases on the students? 

Switzerland’s High Rate of Gun Ownership and Low Murder Rate Proves What 2A Advocates Have Always Said

While gun violence is often classified as an "American problem" because we have a unique affinity for gun culture, it is important not to assess the US in a vacuum. Is the US the only country that values the importance of the right to bear arms? 

School Plans to Protect Students From Shooters With…Rocks?!

How many straws are the left going to grasp as they continue to deprive American school children of the security they deserve? 

Maryland Considers Common Sense Law To Prevent Church Shootings

In the last few weeks, we have been inundated with lies and hysterical rhetoric about how deadly gun ownership is and how evil people like you and I who value our Second Amendment rights are for wanting to defend our homes and our communities. 

Mic Drop: Florida Sheriff Has Perfect Solution to End Mass Shootings in Schools

Perhaps Second Amendment patriots are finally sick of hearing calls for empty solutions like "gun control" "assault weapons ban" and anything else that would only make victims of the law-abiding and empower criminals. 

This Video Completely Destroys the Gun Control Debate In Less Than Two Minutes

In the wake of a mass shooting, the gun control debate always gets raging. This time, it seems, liberals barely care that law enforcement has yet to determine the weapon used in the Las Vegas shooting and have jumped right to introducing bills and crying with Jimmy Kimmel about how big, bad, and mean guns are.