Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hollywood pedophilia

BREAKING: LA Police Investigate Corey Feldman Claims of Child Sex Ring in Hollywood!

After weeks of reiterating his claims and even starting a fundraising campaign to fund a tell-all documentary on the men he says has for decades been praying on young children in Hollywood, he is finally being taken seriously by law enforcement. 

No, Media, You Can’t Protect A Child Molester Just Because He’s Gay

Yesterday, BuzzFeed broke the news that actor Anthony Rapp, from Rent and Star Trek: Discovery felt compelled to share his experience of sexual misconduct in Hollywood after the Weinstein accusers began to come forward. 

Hollywood Pedophiles May Soon Be Exposed…If Corey Feldman Isn’t Killed First

Now, perhaps emboldened by the recent expose of Hollywood indie king Harvey Weinstein, Feldman is planning a film to expose these predatory abusers--but, he says, his life may be at risk in the meantime.