Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Gay Columnist Whines: ‘The Bachelor’ Oppresses Me Because Everyone In It Is Straight

HuffPost contributor and Australian gay man Mat Whitehead has penned a whiny column about how oppressed watching 'The Bachelor' makes him feel due to the show's lack of gay people. "I love 'The Bachelor,'" the column opens. "I'm aware it's garbage, and I love it." "I'm also gay, 'gay as hell,'...

HuffPost Says You Should Be HAPPY Teen Vogue Wants To Teach Your KIDS About Anal Sex

According to HuffPost contributor Jackie Melfi, parents should be thrilled that Teen Vogue wants to teach children how to have anal sex. "Recently," Melfi – whose HuffPost profile reads "love coach, author, blogger, keynote speaker & happily married swinger" – writes, "I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and I came...