Thursday, January 27, 2022

human trafficking

Internet Safety Activists Praise Passage of Anti-Human Trafficking Act

With the passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act into law, the human trafficking infrastructure in the US and globally has been dealt a serious blow. Website owners will now be held accountable for their complicity in the exploitation of human lives. 

Alabama Abortion Clinic Failed to Report Sex Abuse of 13-Year-Old Potential Human Trafficking Victim

An Alabama abortion clinic has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public health for violating state law--twice--that requires the clinic to report pregnancies in girls under the age of 14, which has led to concerns that the girl was being trafficked. 

Craigslist Removes “Personals” Section in Response to New Bill Targeting Sex Trafficking

Craigslist, the popular internet listing site, has long been a notorious vehicle for johns to find their way to prostitutes and sex slaves, and in the past, the company has gained notoriety for their seedy personals sections. While they feature many legitimate personal listings of lonely people looking for love, it has been well-known for some time that it was one of the easiest ways to locate a prostitute. 

Human Trafficking Activists in Ohio Identify Opening of “Spa” Just Blocks From Local School-Action Needed

"Massage parlors" and "spas" are often a hub for sex slavery and human trafficking, and the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force has identified an Asian massage parlor that will soon be opening in the Westerville Square retail complex in Westerville, Ohio.

FBI Human Trafficking Sting Busts Attempted Sale of 3-Month-Old and 5-Year-Old

Human trafficking is a global problem but it is hardly exclusive to impoverished nations. The illegal trade of human slaves is happening right under our noses here at home.