Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Bizarre “Diversity” Survey Asks Middle Schoolers About Gay Bars, Transsexuality

Black History Month is, apparently, now just another opportunity to indoctrinate young students with far-left intersectional politics and, of course, shamelessly expose them to highly-sensitive and sexually-charged topics they have absolutely no business learning about in middle school. 

Schools Across The Country Gear Up For “No-Name Calling Week”

Political correctness is the chief tool public schools use to indoctrinate children with progressive ideology designed to undermine biblical, traditional, time tested principles and thought. And a prime example of this is a program that is infiltrating classrooms all across the country called "No Name-Calling Week," inspired by a pro-homosexual...

Seriously?! High School Quiz Includes “Shooting At Trump” as Option on Multiple-Choice Quiz

For the party that claims to be all about tolerance and can't shut up about how "hateful" Donald Trump is, they sure seem to be seething with hate these days! Even innocent high school English quizzes must be subject to the fuming anger of leftists who can't get over the results of the 2016 election.