Sunday, January 23, 2022


“Caitlyn” Jenner Named “Champion of Israel” By Conservative Group, LGBTQ Activists Infuriated

If you ever needed a reminder that the LGBTQ agenda is basically about everything but human rights for homosexuals, the most recent hissy fit being thrown by leftist LGBT activists is a very good reminder. 

Sick: Muslim Imam, In America, Calls For The Death of Jews

It seems with every single day that passes we are bombarded by the left with messages about how much they want tolerance, peace, diversity, inclusivity and all sorts of things, yet they attack people who have different views than their own, like Christians for example, who are simply standing...

President Trump Formally Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

One of President Trump's early promises is making a lot of progress toward completion and it has a lot of folks very, very happy. Trump promised earlier this year to formerly recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and today, that's precisely what he did during a press conference. This has...