Thursday, June 8, 2023

jesus christ

DC Freedom March Celebrates Powerful Testimonies Of Former Homosexuals and Calls For End To Censorship

Over the weekend, former homosexuals and transsexuals marched in Washington DC to celebrate the great work Christ has done in their lives as they find freedom from their pasts and redemption and peace in His love. 

Australian Rugby Player Slammed By International Press for Bold Honesty About Homosexuality and Sin

The managers of a massive Australian rugby team are struggling to walk back some comments one of their star players made on his personal Instagram page recently because they're torn between political correctness and respecting the personal convictions of one of their star players. 

‘The View’ Has Gotten So Liberal They Won’t Allow the Name ‘Jesus’ to Be Uttered

In an apparent attempt to be politically correct, the production team of the all-female morning talk show did something far more offensive than what they were trying to prevent. 

Leftists Will Hate Little Richard’s Bold Words on Homosexuality, Sin, and Jesus Christ

"People want to go to heaven, but they don't want to have to give up nothing. And in order to see Jesus, you've got to give up something."

Co-Host Sunny Hostin Suggests On ‘The View’ That Jesus Cares More About The Environment Than Abortion

Co-host of 'The View' Sunny Hostin took it upon herself this week to declare that God is less-concerned with abortion and is instead more concerned with saving the environment. Right. Hostin said Christians "get caught up on the abortion issue" and suggested some other issues take precedence over abortion "if you...