Wednesday, August 17, 2022

larry nassar

Over $31,000 Raised for Father Who Lunged At Larry Nassar In Court

Randall Margraves is the father of two girls who were victims of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who is currently on trial for sexually abusing over 150 women. Following his daughters' testimony, Margraves made his request to the judge, but when she denied his requested five minutes alone with Nassar, that was when he lunged across the courtroom and lunged at the monster. 

Dad Of Abused Gymnasts Asks For Minute Alone With Nassar, Lunges For Him in Court

There's nothing more horrific than coming to discover your child, the innocent little baby you helped bring into the world, has been sexually abused and violated in the most heinous way imaginable. The amount of rage, pain, and mental anguish this can put both you and your child through is...