Sunday, May 28, 2023

lgbt agenda

Terrified Woman Locked Up With Trans Man in Psyche Ward, Treated Like ‘Transphobic Bigot’

There's a lot to discuss when the issue of transgenderism pops up, such as the whole access to public restrooms deal, but one of the latest concerns has much to do with the safety of women in prison and in other female only institutions who may eventually be forced...

Parents Ignored As Pro-Gay Groups Push Controversial LGBT display In Children’s Section of Tax Payer Funded Library

The LGBTQ movement in America has been applying much of their time and energy on finding new and creative ways to shove their worldview down the intellectual and spiritual gullets of children across the country and it doesn't look like this strategy, though morally bankrupt, is going to stop...

Little Girl Reacts to Leftist Sex Ed Program, Says ‘Mommy, I Don’t Want To Be A Boy’

There is a battle being waged in the public school system, both here in America and abroad, over radical left-wing, pro-LGBT sex education curriculum that is being used by progressives to brainwash kids into accepting homosexual practice as not only normal, but encouraged. Canada is in the midst of a...

Oregon Court Forcing Christian Baker To Pay Lesbian Couple $135,000

Progressives are likely cheering their heads off today as they have managed once again to drive a nail into the coffin of religious liberty, undermining one of the most critical and valuable rights that supports our republic. An Oregon court ruled in favor of a lesbian couple against the Kleins...

New Children’s Book Depicts Gay Santa. The Reasoning Is Absurd.

Just in time for the holidays, a staff writer for The Late Show With Steven Colbert has come out with a delightful kid's book featuring...Santa and his husband. 

What Do Freakish Drag Queens And Michelle Obama Have In Common?

No, we're not talking about the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is a transsexual, so you can forget about that. But don't worry, this is just about as weird.