Sunday, January 23, 2022


Creator Of Vulgar Netflix Big Mouth Cartoon Admits Kids Were His Target Audience Of R-Rated Program

When we first exposed the disgusting cartoon produced on Netflix, 'Big Mouth', which centers around a group of children and their explicit journey through puberty, as usual, we got a lot of blowback.

Disturbing New Netflix Cartoon Promotes Pedophilia

The creative forces behind films and television shows have been pushing the envelope for decades, but there continue to be instances in which they cross the line. While doing so, they touch on topics that are considered to be ‘cultural taboos.’ Eventually, the themes get mimicked by other shows and...

New Study Has Scientists BEGGING Netflix: Remove Or Edit ’13 Reasons Why’

Back in April, Netflix released the drama '13 Reasons Why' and The Activist Mommy responded as the show rapidly went viral. Fast forward three months to today: scientists, out of fear of the repercussions of the show's intense themes and heavy plotline, conducted a study to determine whether '13 Reasons...