Tuesday, October 3, 2023

new york times

Liberals Demand Removal Of NYC Subway Pattern After Mistaking It For A Confederate Flag

America is suffering under the tyranny of the aggrieved. And when social justice warriors get offended by something, no expense must be spared to placate their ignorance. The latest outrage? Tiles in a subway station. In New York City, the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) is planning to "modify" tiles in...

New York Times Feminist Writer Claims Motherhood Is “Selfishness”

In a rather perplexing New York Times opinion piece, a woman by the name of Karen Rinaldi boldly declares, "Motherhood Isn't Sacrifice, It's Selfishness." Before we even begin to explore this bowl of nonsense soup, it's worth noting that Rinaldi has also authored articles like "What Is A Man For?"...