Thursday, June 8, 2023


Open Pedophile Running for Congress in VA, and His Platform Is Nothing Short of Horrific

If you are one of those anti-establishment, pro-traditional-values folks who has fallen for the appeal of the so-called "alt-right", the largely internet-based group of "conservatives" who have taken objections to political correctness dangerously far, be warned: the natural conclusions of much of alt-right philosophy are much closer to leftism than they are to genuine conservatism.

How This Father Brilliantly (And Brutally) Busted the Pedophile Stalking His 11-Year-Old

This father in Argentina is about to become your new hero when you hear of how he trapped and snagged the sicko stalking his little girl--and unleashed the kind of justice only a father can administer.

University of Michigan Holds Lecture to Explore Sexual Relationships Between Men and Boys

Pederasty is a term used to describe the nature of a sexual relationship between young boys and men. You may remember that last week we told the tragic story of the childhood of Moira Greyland. 

Over $31,000 Raised for Father Who Lunged At Larry Nassar In Court

Randall Margraves is the father of two girls who were victims of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who is currently on trial for sexually abusing over 150 women. Following his daughters' testimony, Margraves made his request to the judge, but when she denied his requested five minutes alone with Nassar, that was when he lunged across the courtroom and lunged at the monster. 

‘Sweet Jesus’ Ice Cream Brand Blasphemes Christ, Fetishizes Children

The name, "Sweet Jesus", refers to a blasphemous expression one might use when thoroughly enjoying one of the company's ice cream cones and most certainly not their love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

City Hall Reviewing “All-Ages Naked Swim Party” Due To Viral Petition

It's no secret that children are being exposed to sexuality at younger and younger ages, especially in public schools where sex education is starting to be taught to children as young as five-years-old. What's even worse is that this "education" -- which would be more appropriately titled as "indoctrination" --...

Congressman Introduces Bill To Ban Child Sex Dolls

We live in a day and age when all sorts of sexual perversion is celebrated by the masses in our culture, a byproduct of a society that has abandoned the standard of God's Word as the foundation of morality, liberty, and proper conduct. A few years back, when the same-sex...

Sick Movie About Romance Between Underage Teen and Adult Wins Best Picture

If you peruse the Internet for any amount of time, you'll quickly come to see that the world today is starting to rot to the core as moral decay continues to consume the cultural landscape. All you need to do to see this is true is look at the kind...

Salon’s Love Affair With Pedophilia

Meet, the radical leftist publication known for profiling incestuous relationships, relentlessly mocking Christians, blaming the West for the 2015 Paris ISIS attack, claiming the Christmas story is somehow sexist, pushing conspiracy theories that the right is trying to create a Christian theocracy, and, perhaps most notoriously, sympathetically profiling self-identifying pedophiles. 

No, Media, You Can’t Protect A Child Molester Just Because He’s Gay

Yesterday, BuzzFeed broke the news that actor Anthony Rapp, from Rent and Star Trek: Discovery felt compelled to share his experience of sexual misconduct in Hollywood after the Weinstein accusers began to come forward. 

FBI Human Trafficking Sting Busts Attempted Sale of 3-Month-Old and 5-Year-Old

Human trafficking is a global problem but it is hardly exclusive to impoverished nations. The illegal trade of human slaves is happening right under our noses here at home. 

Corey Feldman Reveals Police Did Nothing When He Told Them He Was Abused

Corey Feldman's heartbreaking stories of sexual abuse in Hollywood are receiving new attention this week, as many in Hollywood try to pretend to be shocked at the sexual abuse that goes on in show business. 

Lecrae Opens Up About His Experience With Sexual Abuse and Shares Powerful Warning

"It's a crime, it's unfortunate no matter what boy or girl!" he said. "I think for guys it's like we pat ourselves on the back like, 'Yeah that happened to me,' because we just look at it like we got our opportunity at an early age."

Could Child Predators Be Using Drones to Lure Children From Playgrounds?

Technology can be such a blessing and a curse. In today's high-tech world, child predators are finding new ways to prey on little ones. 

Sickening Details Emerge on ‘Glee’ Star’s Massive Cache of Child Pornography

When are people going to wake up and realize what a pandemic pedophilia is in Hollywood? The evidence continues to emerge, and yet our culture continues to idolize and brush off the sins of this sick and twisted entertainment industry. 

Action Needed! Help STOP the Release of This Pedophilia-Normalizing Film

You are probably aware by now that pedophilia is rampant in Hollywood, and this upcoming film from Sony pictures seeks to further normalize relationships between adults and underage children. 

Rapist and Film Director Roman Polanski Finally Admits to Child Rape…But What He Says Next Is Infuriating!

He has been in exile in Europe for the last several decades, complaining all the while how inconvenient it is to be accused of child rape and have to live in the lap of luxury in Europe while Hollywood elite continues to hold you in high esteem. The Polish-French director has even reportedly compared the American legal system to that of the Nazis. 

Brazilian “Art” Exhibition Promotes and Normalizes Pedophilia In A Disgusting Way

We were contacted recently by a concerned Brazilian mother who was outraged about an "art" exhibition that featured contact between young girls and nude men. The images she sent us, of little girls touching and holding hands with a grown, fully nude man, are highly disturbing, but the artist and the museum who hosted him simply brush the whole incident off as "art."