Thursday, June 8, 2023

political correctness

Cringe-Worthy: Justin Trudeau Corrects Woman Who Uses the Word “Mankind”

Justin Trudeau is a pretty ridiculous character. He seems to stand for little more than proudly boasting of being a "male feminist" and seems to be bidding for Canada to be the first Western Islamic theocracy from the looks of it. 

Illinois Candidate for Governor Cuts Hilarious Ad; Rhinos, Leftists In Hysterics

The easiest way to discredit someone who has said something both clever and insightful about you is to simply pull the "racist/sexist/homophobic" card and condemn their insensitivity and indecency, even if nothing they said was actually racist, sexist, or homophobic. 

That’s Right. Father-Daughter Dances Are Now Politically Incorrect

In Staten Island, a social event that recognized both gender (fathers, daughters), and traditional family roles (...fathers, daughters), was entirely too politically incorrect and "triggering" to be allowed to happen.

British Couple Seek Gender-Neutral Nanny, No Pronouns or Barbie Allowed

The latest trend in gender insanity is so-called "gender-neutral parenting", where edgy leftist parents forsake their children's well-being and foundational development for the sake of being politically correct.

“Onward Christian Soldiers” Deemed Too Offensive to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

You know when a church is censoring their hymns to suit crowds at an event to honor the dead, political correctness has gotten way out of control. 

Brace Yourself…for the Epic Halloween Triggering

If you think Halloween is controversial among Christians, you should hear the left's vocal cords warming up for what is sure to be some epic hysterical whining. 

How A Memorial Bench for a Slain Teenager Was Too Politically Incorrect

Sometimes, politically correct culture goes so completely overboard it becomes very, very incorrect. This is what happened when a school district in Virginia decided it was inappropriate for them to feature a Bible verse prominently displayed on school grounds.

Nuts! The PC Police Flash Their Lights at British Candy “Nutters” for Being Offensive

A popular British candy brand, Nutters, has been accused by the PC police of being "offensive and distressing" to those suffering from mental illness. The candy, made of chocolate-covered nuts is named after the common British colloquialism for someone who is crazy or very eccentric, quite like the American "nuts"...

Yale Welcomes Snowflakes Back on Campus With Gender Neutral Replacements for “Freshmen” and “Upperclassmen”

Now, you are probably aware that there are real problems in the world. Poverty, natural disasters, militant Islamists, the persecuted church, sex trafficking. You know, issues that are causing pain, suffering, and death across the world and desperately need to be addressed or helped. Of course, when it comes to...

PC Gone Mad: Portland To Stop Identifying Gangs… Because, Racism

Beginning in October, the Portland PD will stop identifying gang members in their databases and will even purge their records of all gang-related identifiers. The move is not intended to aid criminal investigators or prosecutors, but rather, in response to the race-based government-funded organization called Black Male Achievement (BMA) that...