Thursday, June 8, 2023


Trump Admin Providing Undocumented Minors With Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Information

It certainly is ironic how the left claims to care so much about the lives of undocumented immigrants, and yet they're appalled at the idea of actually preserving the lives of babies inside the wombs of undocumented immigrants. 

Pro-Life Students Walk Out to Bring Attention to Abortion Crisis

There was one question on the lips of every truly pro-life American the day thousands of students walked out of class to protest gun violence in the US: what about abortion? 

Abortion Lobby Wants Google to Censor Pro-Life Clinics for “Tricking” Women Into Not Getting Abortions

The left is so adamantly in favor of abortion they actually openly lament the fact that pro-life clinics are successfully convincing women not to murder their own children.

Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Forced to Apologize After Calling for Post-Abortive Disney Princess

Sometimes, when a pro-abortion individual or group makes a bold statement that is so honest about the true agenda behind abortion, they're forced to back down by the same people who fully support their cause because they were a little too honest. 

Student Organizes School Walkout to Protest Abortion

High school students across the country have been quite obedient over the last few weeks to the direction of the mainstream media, left-leaning teachers, and parents who support their right to march against whatever is politically expedient for the gun-grabbing agenda. 

Ohio Introduces Bill to Treat Abortion as the Crime It Really Is

In the wake of mass Republican betrayal of pro-life voters everywhere, one bill coming out of Ohio this week is both invigorating and inspiring. 

Pro-Life Activists Try to Stop “Uber for Abortion Pills” App in Texas, North Carolina

It is apparently not enough that many forms of birth control and the "morning-after pill" are available over-the-counter and at doctor's offices for women across the country, a Silicon Valley start-up thinks that it should be delivered to a woman's house like a pizza. 

Celebrities Say Boiling Lobsters Is Inhumane Because They Feel Pain; Abortion Still Legal

A group of British celebrities apparently values the life of bottom-feeding (albeit delicious) crustaceans as more valuable than the lives of those that belong to their own species. 

Good Job on the State of the Union, Mr. President. But You Forgot Something.

There was, however, one major topic he failed to address in his speech: the genocide of unborn American lives that is taking place in our country each and every day. 

Judge’s Ruling Forces Christians To Pay For Abortions

One of the foundations of our great nation that makes liberty possible is that the power of government is separated into three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, spreading the power out and preventing it from being consolidated in one branch or group of people in order...

The Lengths This UK Abortion Clinic Goes to Convince Women to Kill Their Babies Will Make You Sick

A UK watchdog group has found that a prominent abortion chain has been going to great lengths to cajole women into killing their babies, even when they have decided against it. 

Offering Help to a Woman Considering Abortion? In Australia, You Could Be Heavily Fined

"Victoria is clearly the most anti-Christian, secular left state in the nation, and those who dare to defy its evil decrees will be strongly punished," writes Muehlenberg. 

Shocking Video Exposes Police Officer Trampling on Pro-Life Group’s Free Speech

At the time, the Created Equal team was on public property and had earlier confirmed with local police that they were free to set up their signs there. In spite of this, the school resource officer insisted they remove their signs and when the team refused, he began taking them down himself, seemingly to confiscate them.

Live Action Banned From Twitter Advertising; This is How They’re Fighting Back

Earlier this month, Twitter banned pro-life group Live Action from advertising on the social network, for supposedly "sensitive content" in their ads. They claimed that Live Action's messages were unscientific and "misleading." Among these "sensitive" and "misleading" advertisements were ultrasound images of unborn babies, the unborn babies that Live Action...

Leftist Student Asks Ben Shapiro Why Fetuses Have Moral Value, Brutal Take Down Ensues

Last night was Ben Shapiro's highly-anticipated speech at the free speech warzone that is the University of California Berkeley. Shapiro, a staunch conservative who is famed for his debate skills and ability to destroy all leftist arguments in his sleep, was approached by a self-proclaimed "left-leaning" student during the...

“Red Rose Rescue” Mission to Save Lives From Abortion Ends in Arrests

Today, in three separate cities across the U.S., pro-life activists were arrested after entering abortion clinics to speak with women in the waiting room and attempt to rescue their children. The activists planned this simultaneous rescue mission, titled Red Rose Rescue, to offer financial and material support to women who...

Biblically Illiterate Doctor Believes Performing Abortions is “Doing The Lord’s Work”

Photo: Credit Rogelio Solis/AP File photo Last night in Chicago, activists gathered to defend life and make their voices heard outside a fundraising party for doctors that performed abortions. Among these doctors was the infamous abortionist Willie Parker, a self-proclaimed Christian who claims he is "doing the Lord's work" by ripping...

Women’s “Health” Clinic Murders 15 Unborn Children in Free Abortions Given to Harvey Victims

A women's "health" clinic in Texas offering free abortions to those affected by Hurricane Harvey has already killed 15 unborn children in their post-disaster "relief" efforts. The incredibly deceptively named Whole Women's Health clinic announced that the way they wanted to "help" the relief efforts for the devastating natural disaster...

Toronto Considers Banning “Graphic” Anti-Abortion Signs

The pro-life vs. pro-choice debate continues to be a huge political talking point in our nation, but the topic typically only gets broached around election time. There are passionate supporters on both sides of the issue, and politicians looking to curry favor - and votes - will look to...

Pro-Lifer Who Posted Pics Of Her Stillborn Baby Forced To Delete Her FB Profile After Haters Spam Her

A mother by the name of Felicia Cash has been forced to defend herself from a whole lot of hate in response to a photo she posted online of her 14-week-old stillborn baby. As reported previously, Cash accompanied the photo with a message imploring those considering abortion to take a...

Report: Google Sponsors Protest Of Pro-Life, Christian Women’s Health Care Clinic

Google and Facebook reportedly sponsored a weekend-long progressive liberal event aimed at, among many things, protesting a women's health care clinic. We’re not talking about the type of ‘women’s clinic’ that should be protested, either. No, Google and Facebook have the audacity to fund an event attacking a pro-life women's clinic. According to...

Today Would Have Been Charlie Gard’s First Birthday

Today, August 4, 2017, would have been Charlie Gard's first birthday. But because of an overbearing legal system and a liberal frame of mind that robbed two parents of the freedom to dictate their own son's healthcare options, Charlie and his family will not celebrate today. A rare mitochondrial disease made...

Co-Host Sunny Hostin Suggests On ‘The View’ That Jesus Cares More About The Environment Than Abortion

Co-host of 'The View' Sunny Hostin took it upon herself this week to declare that God is less-concerned with abortion and is instead more concerned with saving the environment. Right. Hostin said Christians "get caught up on the abortion issue" and suggested some other issues take precedence over abortion "if you...

Watch: 9yo Girl Stands Outside Abortion Clinic, Delivers POWERFUL Message To Women Inside

Viral footage uploaded to Facebook shows a 9-year-old girl standing outside an abortion clinic and using an amplified headset to deliver an incredibly powerful speech to women inside, begging them to reconsider their decision. While little is known about the girl, Facebook page 'Hoosiers For Life,' which uploaded the video,...