Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Why Are So Many Female Teachers Having Affairs With Their Students?

The reason is simple, and it's one that we tackle here each and every day. Adults are no longer behaving like adults. 

Illinois’ Plan to Mandate LGBTQ Education in K-12 Schools

There is a pervasive plan on the left to prevent trans or homosexual students from being bullied by adding far-left, pro-LGBTQ education to the curriculum, or in the case of a bill in Illinois, to flat-out mandate it, starting in kindergarten, of course.

Middle School Teacher Assigns Letter to Students to Pressure Lawmakers Into Gun Control

So, the name of Jesus has been positively banned from public schools for years, but it's OK for a teacher to project his own political biases on the students? 

New Bill Makes HPV Vaccination Mandatory For Public School Students

It seems logic, reason, and moral decency are values that are very quickly disappearing from the realm of public education, if they ever really existed there at all. Students in our modern age are being indoctrinated about the normalcy of sexual perversions like transgenderism and homosexuality, but the liberal lunacy...

Students Bullied By Teacher For Wearing Marine Corps Shirts

Radical leftists have managed to gain so much influence in our culture because they have infiltrated both Hollywood and the classroom, indoctrinating impressionable young minds with their ideology through the means that reach them the best. For those in need of an example to see just how far the leftist...

Little Girl Reacts to Leftist Sex Ed Program, Says ‘Mommy, I Don’t Want To Be A Boy’

There is a battle being waged in the public school system, both here in America and abroad, over radical left-wing, pro-LGBT sex education curriculum that is being used by progressives to brainwash kids into accepting homosexual practice as not only normal, but encouraged. Canada is in the midst of a...

Scholastic Inc Pushing Transgender Picture Books For Kids

One of the staples of attending a public elementary school are the fundraisers put together by companies like Scholastic Inc., one of the world's largest publishers and distributors of children's books. Unfortunately, it seems the progressive agenda has also infiltrated this company, as it's now using it's platform to push...

Schools Across The Country Gear Up For “No-Name Calling Week”

Political correctness is the chief tool public schools use to indoctrinate children with progressive ideology designed to undermine biblical, traditional, time tested principles and thought. And a prime example of this is a program that is infiltrating classrooms all across the country called "No Name-Calling Week," inspired by a pro-homosexual...

Eighth Graders Given Controversial “Privilege Test” Questionnaire

The public education system in America is no longer about providing children with the tools they need in order to be well rounded adults capable of engaging in intelligent conversation and taking care of themselves. No, education today is about creating future generations of individuals who are blindly loyal to...

Stunned Parents Make UK Government Remove Question Asking If Kids Feel Different Than Birth Gender

The push for the normalization of transgenderism continues to move forward, targeting children for the indoctrination of this perversion and it's widespread acceptance as a means of destroying the traditional family unit, which God created to be the backbone of civilized society. Hardly a day seems to roll past where...

Trans Substitute Teacher Confuses, Indoctrinates Second Graders

“If they want to identify as a marshmallow, we should say OK, let’s talk about it,” says Meghan Buell, a transgender activist and substitute teacher who likes to confuse and indoctrinate "her" young students who "she" is assigned to teach.

Transgender Homecoming “Kings”? Yes, It’s Happening.

As the national conversation rages on about transgender rights, giving hormone treatments to children, pronouns, and all the other junk that is being thrown in our face, transgenderism is still quietly being normalized in everyday situations across the country. 

The CDC’s Outrageous Survey on Sex and Drug Use Among Children

It is no secret the federal government is mining data on American citizens, but would you believe they are also mining data on our nation's school children?

You Won’t Believe the Questions on This Sixth Grade Health Quiz!

Why do public school health classes always seem like a thinly veiled attempt to teach children explicit details about sex and push alternative sexual identity politics on them? 

Gender-Neutral Fifth Grade Teacher Asks Children to Use “They/Them” and “Mx.”

A Florida elementary school teacher has outraged parents by sending home a letter asking that the children refer to her using the "they/them" pronoun and "Mx." instead of "Ms."

EXCLUSIVE: Teacher Sheds Light On The Transgender Agenda Pushed On Kids Behind Parents’ Backs

In an email to The Activist Mommy, a public high school teacher from Florida opened up about the transgender agenda being pushed on children in the classroom without their parents' knowledge. For the sake of privacy, The Activist Mommy is withholding this teacher's name and gender. In the August 11 email,...