Saturday, August 13, 2022


Man, 18, Repeatedly Raped Woman At Gunpoint and Is Only Jailed for 20 Years

Let's go into this case with one simple understanding: anyone who sexually violates a woman against her will doesn't belong behind bars, they belong dead. 

British Police Seriously Warn People About “Mistletoe Rape”

The British police, who have seemingly spent more time being social justice warriors lately than they have actually chasing crime as well as considering moving a biological man to a women's prison because he says he's a lady took to Twitter this week to warn people that unwanted advances under the mistletoe counted as rape.

Male Rapist Who Claims to Be Female May Be Transferred to Women’s Prison

This is the prison inmate version of what will happen if we allow people to use whichever bathroom they like, and one seriously good argument for why we cannot, as a society, allow men to simply decide they are women.