Sunday, May 28, 2023

satanic temple

Satanic Temple Suing To Overturn Pro-Life Law, Claims It Violates “Religious Liberty”

With the murder of children in the womb being the most important issue of our time, it's very disturbing to see the left, who claim to be all about equal rights, fighting tooth and nail to make sure this horrific crime remains legal. Leftists will organize large protests to express...

The Satanic Temple’s Crazy Plan to Attack Christian Bakers

This isn't really about religion, this is about the unceasing effort of the atheistic left to force Christians to accept the homosexual agenda no matter what. It's not enough that gay marriage is legal and that the culture is radically changing in their favor, they remain undyingly committed to punishing Christians for continuing to believe homosexuality is a sin. 

After-School Satan Club Shuts Down in Tacoma, WA Due to No Interest

Just another victory for decency and morality everywhere! An after-school Satan Club in Tacoma, WA, has decided not to continue after only one child signed up. The Seattle Satanic Temple first offered the club in December of 2016, following the example of many other Satanic Temples across the country that...