Thursday, June 8, 2023


‘Sweet Jesus’ Ice Cream Brand Blasphemes Christ, Fetishizes Children

The name, "Sweet Jesus", refers to a blasphemous expression one might use when thoroughly enjoying one of the company's ice cream cones and most certainly not their love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Boca Raton Pastor Vows to Fight Satanic Display–With Sledgehammer

A Florida middle school teacher has applied to erect a 6-foot-tall Satanic pentagram and other symbolism next to a Christmas display in a public park in Boca Raton this December, but a local pastor already has a plan to fight it--with more than just spiritual warfare. 

The Satanic Temple’s Crazy Plan to Attack Christian Bakers

This isn't really about religion, this is about the unceasing effort of the atheistic left to force Christians to accept the homosexual agenda no matter what. It's not enough that gay marriage is legal and that the culture is radically changing in their favor, they remain undyingly committed to punishing Christians for continuing to believe homosexuality is a sin. 

After-School Satan Club Shuts Down in Tacoma, WA Due to No Interest

Just another victory for decency and morality everywhere! An after-school Satan Club in Tacoma, WA, has decided not to continue after only one child signed up. The Seattle Satanic Temple first offered the club in December of 2016, following the example of many other Satanic Temples across the country that...