Friday, May 27, 2022

sex ed

Father Outraged After Finding Sexually Explicit Question on Daughter’s Anatomy Assignment

It is getting absolutely insane the lengths to which teachers, administrators, and curriculum designers go these days to sneak sexually explicit and morally questionable material into school materials.

California School District Says Parents CAN’T OPT OUT of Curricula on Gender Identity, Expression, or Sexual Orientation

This is exactly why we are holding the Sex Ed Sit Out next week! 

Did A “Day Of Pink” 3rd Grade Poster Contest Just Advocate Pedophilia?

Just when you think you simply can't be shocked by the way public schools are indoctrinating and programming our children, a story like this comes out. 

Concerned Parents Protesting UNICEF for Sexualizing Kindergartners

The UN has long been promoting a far-left social agenda of radical feminism, abortion, homosexuality, and destruction of the family unit. This comes as no surprise considering they have long been involved in eugenic "population control" programs that have been the prime goal of progressives since the 1920's. 

University Sends Out Gag-Worthy (Literally) X-Rated Survey on Sex

A whole generation of young adults is being so inundated with graphic glorifications of no-boundaries sexual encounters it almost seems beyond shocking these days. 

Yes! How the Trump Administration Is Funding Abstinence Education and Defunding Obama-era Sex Ed

Sex education is a mess in our country. Children are systematically exposed to highly inappropriate sexual content that has nothing to do with health or safety, and as STD and teen pregnancy rates show no improvement and even worsen as these programs become widespread. 

Teacher In Hot Water For Approving Controversial Student Publication On Dating and Sexuality

Much of the content is relatively appropriate for high school students, but scattered between lists of the best love songs and teacher's stories of meeting their spouse in high school are definitions of polyamory, explanations of what "friends with benefits" are, and polls on the prevalence of sexting.

Is Sex Ed Reducing Pregnancy and STDs Among Teens….Or Having the Opposite Effect?

Sex ed in our public schools is an absolute nightmare. "Health" classes have long been transformed into institutionalized Teen Vogue columns, teaching children about sex for pleasure, gender identity, and homosexuality. 

Mother Outraged to Discover X-Rated Middle School Sex Ed Lessons She DIDN’T Consent To!

This is an absolutely infuriating story. Not only were these poor children subject to highly graphic material that had nothing to do with health, but...their parents weren't even informed that this was going to take place beforehand. 

Teen Vogue Wants to Make Sure Young Girls Are Aware They’re Sexually Aroused

Teen Vogue is at it again. That's right, the same magazine that brought us an anal sex guide for preteens and listed vibrators and post-sex sanitary wipes on they're recommended back-to-school list is back with a new article to make sure young girls can recognize the signs of sexual arousal. 

You Won’t Believe the Questions on This Sixth Grade Health Quiz!

Why do public school health classes always seem like a thinly veiled attempt to teach children explicit details about sex and push alternative sexual identity politics on them? 

Is Australia Planning to Remove Gender References From Sex Ed Classes?

If you thought the culture wars were getting bad in Australia, if you thought political correctness was taking over the planet, you haven't seen anything yet. 

Los Angeles School District Set Up to Begin LGBTQ-Friendly Sex Ed as Early as 4th Grade

Where else other than California would public schools be purchasing a sex ed curriculum for children as young as nine that made sure to shed a positive light on LGBTQ relationships? Sure enough, “Puberty: The Wonder Years,” a sex ed course written by a famed health educator and nurse, Wendy Sellers,...