Thursday, June 8, 2023

sex robots

Sex Robot Convention Moved From University Due to Fears Over Terror Attack From Muslims

All one has to do in order to see that our world is plunging quickly into moral decay is to flip on the television and take a look at all of the sexual perversion that's being celebrated by our culture. In a world where homosexuality, transgenderism, bestiality, and pedophilia are...

‘Digisexual’ Will Be the Next Sexual Identity As Sexbots Become More Common, Psychologist Warns

The rise to prominence of sex robots, or "sexbots", is a disturbing one. As technology and cheap sex overwhelm our society, it is no surprise that the two would remain so closely intertwined.

Sex Doll Brothels Pave the Way for Fulfillment of These Despicable Sex Fantasies

It truly is ironic how, following a revolution in the US and abroad over the last half-century that has dramatically changed Western attitude towards sex, marriage, and gender roles, women seem to have willingly demoted themselves to sexual objects with no requirement for commitment: the perfect male fantasy.