Friday, May 27, 2022

sexualization of children\

Human Trafficking Activists in Ohio Identify Opening of “Spa” Just Blocks From Local School-Action Needed

"Massage parlors" and "spas" are often a hub for sex slavery and human trafficking, and the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force has identified an Asian massage parlor that will soon be opening in the Westerville Square retail complex in Westerville, Ohio.

Steven Colbert Gives Rousing Endorsement of This Disgusting Netflix Show

The Late Show's Steven Colbert just hosted the creator of a Netflix show that many are calling "animated kiddie porn." And he happily endorsed the show. 

Watch: Seriously? Sexualization of Children Has Got to Stop!

We recently came across a picture of a store in a mall in Cuevas, Ecuador, that is so shocking you have to see it to believe it.