Sunday, January 23, 2022


Disturbing: Indiana Lawmaker Files Physician Assisted Suicide Bill

If you have any sort of doubt that we live in a culture that seems to be obsessed and infatuated with death, the recent bill to be filed by a state lawmaker in Indiana will certainly give you some food for thought. It's quite clear, if you look at the...

Liberals Thrilled About Suicide of Rep. Dan Johnson, Say Roy Moore Should Do The Same

Liberals really enjoy talking a lot about love, tolerance, acceptance, and how much they hate bullying, but when it comes to putting those principles into practice, they fall painfully short of their own standard. A good case in point is how the left has reacted to Kentucky State Rep. Dan...

Sleek New Suicide Machine Makes Killing Yourself As Easy as Taking Online Quiz

From euthanasia to abortion to disgusting movies that glorify gore and torture, the value of human life has been drastically reduced. The culprit is secular humanism, the viewpoint that we are nothing more than highly evolved apes and that our lives have no more significance than the enjoyment, or lack thereof, that we may experience in our life on earth.