Thursday, January 27, 2022

teen vogue

Victory for Morality: Walmart Pulls Cosmopolitan Magazine From Checkout Shelves

No child in America needs to walk down a grocery aisle and see "50 Sex Moves That Will Leave Him Begging for More" or "Sex Toy of the Month" right next to the candy bars and chewing gum! It is absolutely outrageous that any retailer would allow such inappropriate and explicit content in plain view of all ages.

Yes, This Is Real: Seventeen Magazine Celebrates Vagina Nails

Apparently Seventeen Magazine is in some sort of sick and twisted race with the likes of Teen Vogue and other raunchy publications promoting perversion to kids to see who can be the most depraved and morally bankrupt presence on the internet. If you remember correctly, the folks at Teen Vogue...

Perfect Fit: Hillary Clinton to Guest Edit Teen Vogue as Magazine Goes Out of Print

As if being destroyed by the parent-led Operation Pull Teen Vogue campaign was not embarrassing enough, they bring in losing Hillary Clinton to guest edit the final filthy print edition...further sealing their legacy of the biggest loser of the year award.

BREAKING! Teen Vogue Print Publication is DEAD!!

Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to expose the filth contained within the pages of the innocent-looking teen rag and today, the efforts of thousands of concerned parents across the country who heeded our warning have paid off. 

Teen Vogue Wants to Make Sure Young Girls Are Aware They’re Sexually Aroused

Teen Vogue is at it again. That's right, the same magazine that brought us an anal sex guide for preteens and listed vibrators and post-sex sanitary wipes on they're recommended back-to-school list is back with a new article to make sure young girls can recognize the signs of sexual arousal. 

Teen Vogue Tells Kids They Don’t Have To “Label Their Sexuality,” It’s Possible To Fall In Love With Spirits

According to Teen Vogue, it's perfectly okay if one doesn't want to label their sexual identity because it's possible to be someone who simply falls in love with spirits. "Some people find it empowering to identify with a sexual orientation and the community around it, and that's great," the demonic...

Disgusting Teen Vogue Tells Young Girls The Solution To All Their Stress Is Masturbation

Teen Vogue is telling stressed out young girls that the answer to all their problems is masturbation. Yup, Teen Vogue is at it again. This time they have released a "guide" that tells little girls how to know if they're "horny" or not. Teen Vogue goes so far as telling girls about...

Demonic Teen Vogue Publishes Article Teaching Kids About “Ecosexuals”

Just when you think Teen Vogue couldn’t possibly get any worse, you find another article they've published encouraging kids to engage in weird forms of sex. The latest in degeneracy from Teen Vogue is an article about “ecosexuals." The article actually makes the ridiculous claim that having sex with the earth...

Teen Vogue Tells Kids To Add Sex Toys, Condoms & Lube To Their Back To School List

Garbage progressive magazine Teen Vogue has published an article encouraging its audience – kids aged 11 to 17 – to add condoms, sex toys and lube to their back to school shopping list. Yup, Teen Vogue – fresh off its idiotic guide to anal sex for kids – has sunk...

HuffPost Says You Should Be HAPPY Teen Vogue Wants To Teach Your KIDS About Anal Sex

According to HuffPost contributor Jackie Melfi, parents should be thrilled that Teen Vogue wants to teach children how to have anal sex. "Recently," Melfi – whose HuffPost profile reads "love coach, author, blogger, keynote speaker & happily married swinger" – writes, "I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and I came...