Sunday, May 28, 2023


Testimony: Turning Away From Lesbianism and Back Towards Christ

"It was never my intention to meet anyone.  It was supposed to be just a secret thing," says Elicia Brown, remembering the days when she began to sink into a sin she had spent years preaching against as a young woman.

Leftists Will Hate Little Richard’s Bold Words on Homosexuality, Sin, and Jesus Christ

"People want to go to heaven, but they don't want to have to give up nothing. And in order to see Jesus, you've got to give up something."

Finally, Some Good News Out of the NFL: Baptism and Corporate Worship!

The Philadelphia Eagles have not so far had players kneeling during the official season, although a few have raised their fists and, following the Trump tweets, stood with their arms linked along with team management as a show of unity and solidarity. But that's not the only display of unity the team has shown recently.

Ex-Homosexual Celebrates 27 Years Straight

By age 11, the absence of Daryl's father left him not only with a great amount of hostility but a strong desire for male validation and comfort. His affections toward people of the same sex grew, but, knowing homosexuality was wrong, he kept quiet.