Wednesday, September 27, 2023

transgender bathrooms

WATCH: Why This Young Woman Is Taking a Bold Stand for Student Privacy

“There are good ways to make room for everyone, without letting a boy into the girls’ locker rooms, shower areas, or restrooms,” Alexis says.

Transgender Student Awarded $800K In Lawsuit Against School District

Modern culture is quickly sliding down the slippery slope, becoming more and more accepting of sexual deviance that's so far out in left field that just a decade or so ago it would've landed you in a mental institution. Now, however, thanks to the left constantly pushing the boundaries, people...

Parents Grow Spine, Boldly Stand Against Gender Self-ID in School

The day and age in which we live is one where we see the normalization of things previous generations would've laughed hysterically at in utter disbelief had they been told this is the direction our nation would be headed in down the road. One of the most popular issues that...

North Carolina Throws in the Towel in the Bathroom Debate

Last year, North Carolina became the center of the transgender bathroom debate with the passing of HB 142, which forbade biological men from using the women's restroom or locker room despite what they were trying to convince themselves and others with their outward appearance.