Tuesday, October 3, 2023

transgender children

Brooklyn Library Hosts Gender Bending Event for Toddlers

The Brooklyn Public Library is the latest location for yet another kid-friendly gender-bending extravaganza. And that's pretty much the stated goal of "Genderful! “Exploring Gender Through Art” which took place in October and featured a transgender punk rock musician. 

We Knew This Was Coming: Disney Rolls Out First Male Princess on Show That Featured Gay Kiss

There is a truly sick obsession in our culture of permeating every aspect of a child's life with the gender-bending agenda. 

You Won’t Believe How Many Children In the UK Are Being Sent to Sex Change Clinics

We've documented some disturbing trends in attitudes towards gender coming out of the UK recently, including the case of a little boy who was made to live as a boy by his mother for years before a judge removed the child from her care. In this case, the mother seemed fully convinced her son wanted to be a girl, although he was probably only five years old when she decided this. 

Transgender Group ‘Mermaids’ Played Role in Mom Forcing Boy to Live As a Girl

It has now come to light that a transgender group based in the UK, 'Mermaids', was counseling the mother and encouraging her insistence that the little boy live as a girl. 

Comedian Owen Benjamin Loses Gig for This Simple Statement on Transgender Children

Comedian and musician Owen Benjamin isn't exactly a hugely controversial figure, but he has caught some attention on Twitter over the last year or so for his clear conservative views. So when he was invited to perform at the University of Connecticut, he most likely assumed that the campus group that invited him knew what he was about. His Twitter feed and recent appearances on 'Louder With Crowder' are indicative enough of a pretty conservative slant. 

What Happens When You Remove A Boy From the Care of a Mother Who Made Him Live As a Girl?

It doesn't matter that 70-80% of people who have transgender feelings as children outgrow them as they age, the LGBT agenda insists that children of all ages should be allowed to freely "express" their "gender identity" and that if parents inhibit this sacred right, they will cause irreparable damage in their transgender children. 

Federal Government Awards $138K to Study Gender Identity of Kindergarteners

The federal government has awarded a grant to the University of Washington to study the "internal sense of gender identity" of children between the ages of 4 and 6, the Christian Post reports.  The National Science Foundation, which as the Christian Post points out in its report, was founded in 1950 "to...

800 Children As Young As 10 Are Receiving Puberty Blockers For Sex-Change Surgery

More than 800 children are now being treated in England with sex-change drugs that "halt the onset of adulthood", according to Daily Mail. Monthly hormone injections stop sexual organs from developing the way they naturally would in puberty, which makes sex-change surgeries easier and more seamless for doctors. How is it...

Progressives Glorify Couple’s Decision To Support Their CHILD’S Transition Into A Girl

A couple from New Jersey has caused quite a stir online following the circulation of a news story detailing how they supported their son's desire to transition into a girl from the age of two. The news story in question was printed in The Daily Mail earlier this week and,...