Sunday, May 28, 2023

transgenderism in public schools

Shameful: Grade School Promotes “Gender Identity” Using Unicorn And Sex Columnist

Indoctrination of children in public school is a real thing and if you don't believe it's so, all you have to do is a cursory glance at the news and you'll stumble across many stories of the practice happening everywhere. The hot button topic the left is attempting to shove...

California School Board Rules to Deny Parents the Right to Opt-Out of Transgender Lessons

And they say Christian homeschoolers are anti-science?! Now, in the California charter school district of Rocklin, parents will not be notified or allowed to opt-out of lessons about transgenderism. 

EXCLUSIVE: Teacher Sheds Light On The Transgender Agenda Pushed On Kids Behind Parents’ Backs

In an email to The Activist Mommy, a public high school teacher from Florida opened up about the transgender agenda being pushed on children in the classroom without their parents' knowledge. For the sake of privacy, The Activist Mommy is withholding this teacher's name and gender. In the August 11 email,...