Thursday, June 8, 2023


Man, 18, Repeatedly Raped Woman At Gunpoint and Is Only Jailed for 20 Years

Let's go into this case with one simple understanding: anyone who sexually violates a woman against her will doesn't belong behind bars, they belong dead. 

UK Attempting to Ban Franklin Graham Because His Beliefs Aren’t Politically Correct

The LGBT community, a group that constantly slams Christians and others who don't support their lifestyle or worldview as being intolerant, are so unhappy with comments made by evangelist Franklin Graham they want to ban him from the UK. Apparently all of that awesome "tolerance" we hear so much about...

“Onward Christian Soldiers” Deemed Too Offensive to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

You know when a church is censoring their hymns to suit crowds at an event to honor the dead, political correctness has gotten way out of control. 

As UK Crimes Soar, Feminized Police Worry About Social Justice Campaigns Instead

"The UK crime rate in England and Wales grew by 13 percent in just one year, with violent crime up 19 percent, according to a report released last week by the UK Office for National Statistics," the article, UK Crime Soars – Police Paint Nails, Drive Rainbow Cars explains.