Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Leftist Fanatics Lost Their Minds After ACLU Tweeted This Picture

The ACLU recently kicked off a fire-storm among race-obsessed left-wingers. What caused the calamity? A picture of a toddler. What caused the hubbub? This tweet: This is the future that ACLU members want. — ACLU National (@ACLU) August 23, 2017 That’s right. A picture of a toddler, holding an American flag, with...

The University Of Minnesota Just Banned White, Straight Students From Its Safe Spaces

The University of Minnesota has told white and straight students they're not allowed to use the safe spaces on campus—because whiteness and straightness is apparently a threat to the "safeness" of the space, or something. A group called the "Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life" on campus...