Sunday, January 23, 2022

whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Tries To Smear Christians As White Supremacist Sympathizers, Twitter Sets Her Straight

Liberal media personality Whoopi Goldberg has come under fire for her false assertion that "the Christian right" has failed to condemn last weekend's fatal car attack in Charlottesville that left one woman dead. "The silence of the Christian Right about the Charlottesville Attack is deafening," Goldberg boldly insisted via a...

Co-Host Sunny Hostin Suggests On ‘The View’ That Jesus Cares More About The Environment Than Abortion

Co-host of 'The View' Sunny Hostin took it upon herself this week to declare that God is less-concerned with abortion and is instead more concerned with saving the environment. Right. Hostin said Christians "get caught up on the abortion issue" and suggested some other issues take precedence over abortion "if you...