Thursday, January 27, 2022

women’s march

Women’s March Organizers Refuse to Cut Ties With Racist Nation of Islam Leader

The Women's March, an event that claimed to be all about celebrating women but was in reality a pro-abortion, pro-Islam, anti-Christian, anti-Trump spectacle that involved millions of women dressed up as vaginas (because nothing says "women's power" like a costume of a copulatory organ), Muslim prayer sessions, and hijab-wrapping demonstrations. 

Planned Parenthood: Nothing Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” Like Vagina Cupcakes

Because vagina hats and costumes worked out so well for the notorious Women's Marchers, Planned Parenthood has decided to continue the theme by urging abortion-supporting single unmarried women everywhere to make vaginas a part of Valentine's Day, too. 

Brutal! Rose McGowan Attacked By Women’s March in Snowflake Showdown

Oh, how the whiny have fallen.

The Pink-Hatters Held Their Women’s Marches Again and You Won’t Believe The Signs This Year!

Last year, during the inauguration of Donald Trump, radical feminist women took to the streets to march in protest, claiming to fight for women's rights. Rights, by the way, they actually already possess. How did these supposedly bold, brazen freedom fighters show their displeasure with President Trump and the fact conservatives...

What Happened When a Christian Flight Attendant Tried to Stand Up to Her Pro-Abortion Union

If you were hired by a company that forced you to pay dues to the union, wouldn't you be upset if the union used those dues to support causes you disagreed with? And what if this cause was the Women's March?

This Women’s March Founder Was Just Deported–You Won’t Believe Why!

This week, the Women's March took to Twitter to whine about and denounce the deportation of one of their founders, 70-year-old Rasmea Odeh, who was deported last Tuesday.

Activist Mommy to Speak at Biggest Conservative Moms’ Event of the Year!

The January Women's March in Washington DC did not represent me and most American women. Moms are a powerful influence on families, politics, and culture and the pink-hat-wearing-nasty-women on the left need to know we've had enough of their immoral agenda!