Taliban Reportedly Beats, Kills Pregnant Afghan Police Officer As Horrified Husband and Children Watch


Taliban fighters have reportedly brutally assaulted and shot a pregnant police officer in Firozkoh, in the Ghor province of Afghanistan.

Witnesses told the BBC that Banu Negar was beaten repeatedly in front of her husband and children until her face was severely disfigured, and then shot and killed.

The news agency notes that clear descriptions of the incident are hard to come by, as some might fear repercussions if they speak out.

Negar, a police officer for the now-deposed Afghan government, was eight months pregnant.

The Taliban has yet to establish a formal government and is currently engaged in combat with remnants of the deposed regime in the few provinces that remain under the control of resistance forces.

Taliban officials, who have claimed they will take a less hardline approach to restricting women’s rights than was done by the Islamic group when it ruled the country between 1996-2001, deny that members of their group committed Negar’s assault and murder.

“We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing,” the group’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujaheed, said of the attack.

He claimed that the Taliban plans to offer amnesty to those who worked for the former government, and that the murder was likely due to “personal enmity or something else.”

Since the group took control of the country on August 16, they have maintained that they will not seek retribution on those who worked for the U.S.-backed regime.

However, the BBC notes, human rights groups have nonetheless documented revenge killings, detentions, and attacks on religious minorities. In one horrific incident, as we have covered, a woman was reportedly set on fire by a Taliban fighter who was displeased by her cooking.

We have documented concern from humanitarians and anonymous Christians living in hiding in Kabul that the severely persecuted Afghan church will no doubt be caught in the crosshairs of violent Taliban fighters.

On the same day as Negar’s murder, women marched in Kabul for women’s rights before they were dispersed by armed Taliban figures.

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