Target Ramps Up LGBT Support With New Pride Clothing Line For Children


Retail giant Target is ramping up its support for the LGBT agenda with a new clothing line which is funding generous donations to the pro-LGBT organization Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).  Target has made itself the corporate poster-company for all things LGBT-related and now they are trying to outfit your children as mini-advocates.

In a partnership with GLSEN, Target has introduced a new line of pride clothing for children and babies.  The rainbow, which used to be a symbol of God’s covenant is now being perversely used to promote the LGBT agenda on brightly colored outfits that naturally attract young children.

The flamboyantly colored clothing says things like, “Love my dads,” and “Love my moms” along with other pro-LGBT messages.

Selling “pride” clothing for children may even be  clothing more nefarious than it looks. Rick Gomez, Target’s Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer just so happens to sit on the board of GLSEN.  According to GLSEN’s website, they are an anti-bullying organization, and while that might be true, it isn’t the whole truth.  

They are a pro-LGBT education entity that pushes for schools everywhere to adopt “LGBT-inclusive” curriculums meant to indoctrinate young minds.

To make matters even murkier, GLSEN was founded by Kevin Jennings in 1990. Jennings served as President Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the United States Department of Education from 2009 to 2011. While in this role he aggressively pushed the LGBT agenda in public schools. As reported by Infowars, Jennings started GLSEN with the intention of becoming “the leading national education organization focused on ensuring and affirming schools for LGBTQ students.”

Nowadays GLSEN has impacted the government’s Common Core initiative and is encouraging the use of lesson plans that focus on “gender identity and expression,” and “gender-neutral” pronouns for young children in public schools.  The reasons to pull your children from public schools just keep piling up, don’t they?

Don’t be deceived, there is nothing innocent about Target’s new line of children’s pride clothing.  

If you’re not already boycotting Target, please join us in doing so. Our dollar is as powerful as our vote, and we can let them know that we will not pay for our children to be indoctrinated!


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