Target Releases Line Featuring Chest Binders, Packing Underwear Ahead of LGBT Pride Month


Retail giant Target has released a collection of LGBT clothing in collaboration with “queer-owned” brands which features chest binders and packing underwear for transgender shoppers.

The Daily Wire notes that this is not the first time Target has made headlines for its LGBT-themed products and has notoriously sold Pride-themed clothing for children and babies in the past.

The retailer has released two collections in collaboration with TomboyX and Humankind, which it says are both “queer owned, female-founded brands.”

The TomboyX collecton features an array of trans-friendly undergarments, such as chest binders and packing underwear that are meant to assume the appearance of male genitalia as well as bras and boyshorts.

The Humankind collection, meanwhile, offers “gender-affirming swimsuits” according to Bustle, which noted that such swimwear is “notoriously difficult to find.”

Reps for Target confirmed to Bustle that this is the first time that Target has stocked its shelves with compression tops.

June is Pride month, which has become a prominent occasion in the United States and across the western world featuring parades, events, and a wide array of rainbow-colored merchandise.

Target, known for their bold marketing themes, has taken full advantage of the cultural phenomenon.

This month’s Pride collection features some products such as towels, shirts, tote bags, flags, and toys. Some of the tags read “For the queer lovers and everyone in between, for the rebels that fight to forever be seen.”

Target also offers Pride-themed children’s items such as shirts for toddlers which declare that “Trans rights are human rights” or feature the wearer’s pronouns or rainbow-colored onesies and matching family sets.

Their stores also sell trans-themed toddler books, like “Bye Bye Binary” and “The Pronoun Book.”

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