Tasteless Leftists Make the Last Vegas Shooting All About Them


Mere hours after terror reigned down on thousands of concert-goers in Las Vegas last night, killing at least 59 and wounding 515, leftists took to social media to offer their condolences and prayers. And by condolences and prayers, I mean they politicized and even celebrated the still-unfolding tragedy.

First up, Hillary Clinton. It remains unclear why she simply won’t go away, but she’s still here and we apparently just have to live with it. Clinton didn’t waste any time pointing a finger at the NRA.

Will someone please see what is happening to all the memos telling Hillary she lost the election?

Next up, famed evolutionist and atheist, Richard Dawkins, demonstrating that at the end of the day, atheists really don’t believe in morality after all:

He’ll get an extra shock when he dies and finds out that not only does God exist, but He’ll want him to answer for these incredibly idle words.

One woman, reportedly a teacher, deleted her account after expressing that her only prayer was that Trump supporters died:

She has deleted her account, but screenshots are forever.

Famed gun control activist Shannon Watts wasted even less time than Hillary Clinton politicizing the event, starting her anti-gun twitterstorm at 7 am!

This is only a taste of her pro-gun ranting, none of which takes into account the fact that the shooter used a fully automatic weapon, which very few people in the US can legally possess.

Alyssa Milano, who regularly takes time out from her role as a barely-relevant Hollywood actress to tweet about her leftist politics, got pretty riled up as well.

But don’t forget good old Lena Dunham, who probably made the most impressive leap of the imagination to blame the shooting on her favorite political issue:

No word yet on how in the heck the shooting was tied to gender, but one race baiter has a theory about how a shooting involving a white man shooting a crowd full of mostly-white country music fans does:

He’s a thinker, this one.

Finally, this CBS executive took to Facebook to share her true feelings about Republicans:

This executive was, fortunately, fired for her comments. 

Oh, leftists. They can’t take even a moment to respect the dead and dying and simply express sympathy. Rather, in their narcissistic worlds, they jump on anything for an opportunity to stand on their social media soapboxes and lecture the rest of us, whether or not they have any idea about what they’re talking about.