Teacher Gets Just 60 Days In Jail After Repeatedly Raping Student Over Several Years

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A female teacher in Texas is getting a scant 60 days in jail despite repeatedly raping a student over the span of several years, beginning when he was just 12.

Marka Bodine, a former teacher at Tomball Intermediate School in Tomball, pleaded guilty earlier this month to continuous child sexual abuse and despite recommended sentences of 20 to 50 years in prison, she was ultimately handed down the much shorter sentence, The Blaze reported.

Instead, in addition to the two months in jail, Bodine will have to register as a sex offender. She also received 10 years probation as well as delayed adjudication after the court found “sufficient evidence of guilt but made no finding of guilt.”

Having just given birth (not to the victim’s child, however), Bodine will not have to report to jail until next year.

The former teacher first struck up a friendship with the child through the video game Fortnite before she began sending him text messages, dozens of which were pornographic.

He was 12 at the time.

When he turned 13, Bodine began to rape him as she admitted, both in her vehicle and her classroom. This continued until the child was 15.

After her own divorce, Bodine moved into the same apartment complex as the child and when his family moved elsewhere, she would drive to visit him to continue the illicit relationship, according to ABC 13.

Bodine will also have to undergo counseling as part of her sentence.

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