Teacher In Hot Water For Approving Controversial Student Publication On Dating and Sexuality


‘Brave New World’ is a novel that was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. It depicts a world of the future in which humans are grown in labs and society centers around work and polyamorous dating experiences topped off with institutionalized orgies.

Although it was written 85 years ago, it is chillingly relevant to our culture today, much more so than the era in which it was written.

In the novel, children are raised by the state and encouraged to experiment sexually at a young age. They are fully educated in the ways of birth control and free love and encouraged to pursue as many sexual relationships as they can. Natural-born children are seen as disgusting and romantic commitment as counter-productive to society.

Huxley most likely had no idea how much his dystopian vision would resemble the state of American public schools, but it is eerie how much it does. Particularly how adults are the driving force behind this disgusting encouragement of promiscuity and hyper-sexuality.

The latest example of this disturbing trend is a “Dating Survival Guide” that was published by Plainfield High School in Plainfield, Indiana.

The magazine, which was put together entirely by students, but approved by the teacher of in the publication class they were a part of, contains polls on dating, memories of first kisses, fun date ideas, tips on what to do when you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, and how to move on from a failed relationship.

Much of the content is relatively appropriate for high school students, but scattered between lists of the best love songs and teacher’s stories of meeting their spouse in high school are definitions of polyamory, explanations of what “friends with benefits” are, and polls on the prevalence of sexting.

The teacher who supervised the publication of the “Dating Survival Guide”, Michelle Burress, is now being investigated by a disciplinary board for allowing the publication to move forward.

The Indy Star says that once the magazine was completed, school staff received about 1,700 copies and distributed them out to each class on October 23rd. Within hours, the backlash had begun.

“Parents need to be aware that Plainfield High School has published and distributed to students a magazine telling our children that casual sex and even group (sex) is OK,” parent Bret Allen wrote on Facebook.

“This and more about what is acceptable when it comes to sex is what our children as young as 14 are being taught at Plainfield High School,” she added.

“We didn’t think there was anything to be ashamed of,” said Kayla Mays, a junior and co-editor of the dating guide. “It was completely unbiased, completely informative.”

Again, we have an incident of children making decisions over what should be appropriate for them while the adults fail to take charge.

Even without the explicit content, the fact that a guide like this is being published in high school is troubling enough. Whatever happened to Latin club, honors society, ROTC, or community service? It seems much of today’s academic environment centers around dating and sex, from vile sex ed lessons to pro-gay videos about suicide prevention.

Children don’t enroll in high school to learn, let alone teach other children, how to date. That is the parents’ job.