Teacher Punished for Raising Concern Over Boys Showering With Bio Girl in Locker Room


One of the primary arguments made in support of policies that would accommodate transgender people is that the depression and suicidality linked to gender dysphoria is a result of society’s resistance to accepting their gender identity.

If this is the case (which it is not, necessarily, but let’s just assume it is), then why do so many people want to force people to share private, single-gender spaces with transgender individuals when they are clearly uncomfortable with them being there?

Doesn’t this just subject the transgender person to feeling more rejection? Knowing that someone is being forced to share a space with them rather than trying to find a solution that wouldn’t further alienate those who may feel awkward around someone who identifies as the opposite sex?

This is certainly worth considering, along with the rights of other students and teachers, in a recent case at a Florida school.

A teacher has been punished for objecting to being made to share a locker room with a biological girl who identified as a boy.

The teacher, who has now been moved to another school district, very understandably felt uncomfortable being forced into a position where he would see an underage female student undressed, and was also approached by his male students who also felt uncomfortable with the situation.

Todd Starnes explains:

The two teachers at Chasco Middle School strongly objected to letting the girl use the facilities because neither the boys nor their parents had been given prior warning.

“Administrators told them that informing the boys so they could take steps to protect their privacy would be ‘discriminatory,’ and subject them to discipline,” Liberty Counsel wrote in a letter to the Pasco County School Board.

One of the teachers, who is a male, also objected to school demands that he supervise the locker room despite the fact the girl might be nude or undressed.

“The administrators told him that the girl in question had ‘every right to use the locker room,’ including the right to disrobe in the open locker area,” Liberty Counsel wrote.

The religious liberty law firm said physical education teacher “will not knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a sate of undress.”

As a result, the school has decided to punish the unnamed teacher by transferring him to another school “for not doing your job in the locker room.”

According to Liberty Counsel biological boys were literally caught with their pants down when the girl walked into the locker room. The embarrassed boys complained to their teachers – but the teachers were unable to provide any assistance.

“Administrators had placed a gag order on them, and told them they could not answer the boys on these questions,” Liberty Counsel wrote.

It is of course very easy to feel outraged that the concerns of these students and teachers were not only ignored but that one of the teachers was outright punished for a very legitimate objection to sharing a locker room with a young biological female.

But again, I ask, where does this leave this female student? Will she now feel somehow more validated in her gender identity, or perhaps, will this further make her feel rejected and embarrassed?

If the school was so concerned that she feel comfortable, why subject her to this incredibly awkward and embarrassing situation which will likely make no strides in addressing her very serious mental health issues?

Our public schools are being treated like Petri dishes for bizarre social experiments, and none of the outcomes so far appear to be positive. For anyone involved.

Stop this insanity, and start genuinely looking out for the good of all our children.