EXCLUSIVE: Teacher Sheds Light On The Transgender Agenda Pushed On Kids Behind Parents’ Backs

In an email to The Activist Mommy, a public high school teacher from Florida opened up about the transgender agenda being pushed on children in the classroom without their parents’ knowledge.


For the sake of privacy, The Activist Mommy is withholding this teacher’s name and gender.

In the August 11 email, the teacher wrote, “today all the staff (100+ people) had a meeting. The very first thing discussed was our obligation to conceal information from parents as it relates to any knowledge we may have regarding a student behaving as a transgender or homosexual or being involved in a homosexual relationship, or relating to Jack requiring us to call him Jill or vice versa.”

“We were told,” the email continues, “that if a student asks us to call them by a name of the opposite gender, we are simply to comply and not even consult the parents on the issue.”

“We were then told not to contact a parent if we have a male student wearing a dress at school. Finally, we were told that if a parent contacts us and asks us (teachers) about their child and any knowledge we may have about the child being involved in a homosexual relationship at school, we are simply tell the parent ‘we can not discuss that, but I would be glad to discuss the child’s academic progress.'”

The teacher goes on to list a number of other behaviors that, interestingly enough, are not on the “keep quiet” list.

“We were not told to keep our mouth shut if we overheard or knew of a student engaging in other sexual behavior, or using drugs, or drinking, or any other harmful behavior,” the teacher writes. “Only the special, protected act of homosexual behavior.”

Shockingly enough, the teacher writes, no teacher in the room – even the ones with children – “spoke out or protested the fact that the schools are claiming authority over the children above and without the permission of parents.”

“How did this happen? Let parents know they should live in abject poverty if need be to keep their kids out of public schools.”

Sadly, it’s not hard to believe this teacher’s story.

Recently, a court actually ruled against a mother suing the state of Minnesota, medical officials and her 15-year-old son’s school for allowing him to participate in gender transition procedures without her consent.

If this is deemed okay, one can only imagine the sort of subtler indoctrination that also occurs without parents’ knowledge.

If you are a parent and are unable to keep your child out of the public school system for whatever reason, please put extra time and interest into finding out what they are being taught in the classroom.

The issue of transgenderism is popping up in society and schools at an alarming rate – don’t think it would happen at your child’s.

FocusOnTheFamily.com has put together this helpful guide for discussing the matter with your children.

The guide shares these simple truths to remind your children of during your discussion:

  • Individuals are born either male or female.
  • Some people get hurt and confused, and they don’t like the way God made them.
  • As a result, some people wish they were the opposite sex.
  • Nobody can really change from one sex to the other.