Teacher Who Traumatized Kindergartners With Transgender Ceremony Given Top Award


One of the most heart-wrenching examples of children being unwillingly sucked into the confusing culture of transgenderism at far too young an age is an incident that took place in Rockland, California last year, when several students in a kindergarten classroom were traumatized by a “transition ceremony” the teacher performed for the students featuring a little boy whose parents had decided was to live as a girl.

The teacher, Kaelin Swaney, read the book, I Am Jazz to the students, then took the little boy into the bathroom and changed his clothes and re-introduced him to the students as a boy.

Again, this was a classroom full of five-year-olds. 

What’s worse, the parents of the students had not been informed this ceremony was going to take place. Many were shocked to find their children in tears that evening, worried they would turn into the opposite sex.

The charter school, Rocklin Academy Gateway, stood with Swaney’s decision not to inform her student’s parents, claiming that because “gender” was different than “sex”, the policies that apply to informing parents of an upcoming sex ed lesson did not apply.

Now, Swaney is being given one of the school’s top awards.

Life Site News reports:

And it’s “baffling” the CCSA chose to honor the teacher at the center of “unheard of controversy in the family-friendly town of Rocklin,” with an award that signifies outstanding achievement, [Karen England of  Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family public policy group] noted.

“I do not consider traumatizing kindergartners an ‘outstanding achievement,’” England said. “Teachers should be outraged as this is an offense to all of the teachers who work so hard to respect the values of all students and parents.”

In a dramatic video the school made about the award Swaney was given, it is clear that not only is she being given this award despite her incredibly disrespectful decision to expose the children to something their parents had no say in whatsoever, but it is because of it.

Making no mention of the parents who felt their rights or their faith were disrespected, ignored, and even violated, let alone the children left scarred by the incident, fellow teachers and administrators tearfully tell of the trials Swaney has been through and the integrity she displayed standing firm in her decision as “the media” turned their sights on her highly controversial lesson.

“Even if you have to make a hard decision, even if you have to deal with a lot of…negative responses, at the end of the day, she stood by her kids, and made the decision to support them. What she did embodies integrity,” says Eve Fabiaschi, Elementary School Principal.

“I’m really proud of her and I want to be…like her!” gushes Jillayne Antoon, Director of Growth and Community Engagement.

Parents, on the other hand, had an experience that showed little integrity when the incident took place. One parent that contacted Life Site News said “Many parents whose lives were turned upside down by this event — forced to decide whether to stay or leave the school, wondering if their rights would be respected, are very upset by this award and the school’s portrayal of this as embodying ‘integrity.'”

Another mother broke down in tears at a mid-February meeting of the Newcastle Elementary School Board, which oversees Rocklin Academy Gateway, when testifying how the incident left her daughter “very confused.”

She thought the Rocklin Academy board “would take my religious beliefs” into consideration, the mother said. “Instead, they swept us aside like we were trash.”

Nor did she ever get a straight answer about what happened.

“We asked the teacher what happened and she told us one story,” she said. “We had a meeting with the principal, they told us a different story, and we asked the parent of the child that had this transition and she told us a different story. So it just … it was a mess.”

Teachers are people we entrust to act with integrity and respect for both students and parents. These teachers and administrators only show interest in their own values and letting the children lead, a practice that is becoming all too common in the culture in which we are raising up the next generation.